Anna’s Story

October 21, 2022



“Anna” is one of our kids in Campus Life that you impact with your prayers and financial partnership. 

She is 1 of 8 adopted kids in a family of 12. Two of her older sisters killed one of the other sister’s baby, and are now awaiting trial. Her adopted mom has kicked 4 of the other kids in the family (14-18 year olds) out of the house on multiple occasions only to have the police      officers bring them back. They all drink alcohol and party all the time. 

She ended up homeless, and didn’t have anywhere to go. I was able to talk to her aunt, and she agreed to let  “Anna” stay with her. She is now enrolled at a trade school for hair and makeup, and she has started working at a local fast food restaurant. 

I help her all the time. We talk about her about bettering her life, because no one else is going to do it for her. I buy her stuff when she needs specific things, or help by giving her rides to work or school when I can. I’ve taught her not to be afraid, to pray, and to be humble!