YFC accomplishes it's mission with these local ministry programs.


    The Teen Parent program in Hanford exists to develop deep, holistic relationships between adult volunteers and teen parents through the interwoven braid of spiritual growth, socioeconomic health and life-course development. We use a variety of tools to teach life skills to teen parents who need the support of a caring adult in their lives. One of our staff members, Crystal, meets with many students one-on-one throughout each month and provides a monthly group dinner and activity night for the teen parents to interact with each other.


    We have one Campus Life Youth Center in Dinuba. We currently have a total attendance of 450 teenagers (155 different teens) visiting our Youth Center weekly. Activities include pool, ping pong, video games, Bible Studies, concerts and regular staff caring for the needs of the teenagers who drop in. We have students every day who need someone to talk to. With this Youth Center, we are able to sit down and care for their specific need.


    Our 58 School Resource Chaplains serve in 35 different schools in 11 school districts and will contact nearly 6000 kids this year. We seek to serve the needs of students and administrative staff members of every campus. As we get to know groups of students, we offer to sit down with them during a lunch hour and share a pizza together. We have hundreds of students join us every week on various campuses. They find a safe and confidential environment where they can share their story and find resources for their life. Ask us how you can become a chaplain and impact the lives of students in your community.


    Campus Life Mentors are caring adults who work in the Dinuba Unified School District targeting boys without fathers in the 5th - 8th grades. We model godly character, teach healthy morals, and build character that will help these young people become successful in life. Our staff work on selected elementary schools and Washington JH using one-on-one meeting, small groups, and activities. Tutoring is a great tool to help care for the needs of these students.


    Our Youth Guidance and Life Coach staff reach out to at-risk students who struggle with issues of drug and alcohol abuse, gang involvement, anger management, and probation. We provide direct intervention services to our local schools through the Safe Schools Intervention Program (SSIP). Through the SSIP Program, we have seen behavioral incidents on campus decrease by more than 86%, and expulsions are down from 146 in 2011 to 46 in 2013. We have a 98% approval rate from the school principals to continue the work with at-risk, gang affiliated students.


    We partner with our local camps, Hume Lake for Winter Camp, and Hartland Christian Camp for our Summer Camp. Sending young people to camp is a life changing time for them! You can be involved by sponsoring a student to attend camp that will change their lives.  We have established the Janice Wilson Memorial Camp Scholarship Fund to suppliment the cost to send a student to camp.  $200 will send one student to camp. Thanks for your Partnershp!



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