• “While being pregnant my friends never understood the things I would go through.  They would be supportive and all, but it was difficult for me to do all the things I use to with them, I felt left out.  I was glad that with Parent Life I was able to meet teens going through the same things I was.  With all the activities and discussions we had I never once felt left out.   One of many things I like about Parent Life is that I was not judged for being a young mom.  Instead I was helped.”

    -Keit from Hanford

  • A Story from Gabriella

    Hello! My name is Gabriella c: and before you read this i have to say it is long so read as much as you can please. So i have a story to share with you/.\ Today i found a little envelope in my room and inside was a small letter that said "Things won't always be crazy, things will change and get better." And i sat there for a minute trying to remember where it came from until i remembered it was from The Rock. I remember the day i got it as well.......so I'm going to tell you a bit about myself before i go there. I grew up watching my mother grow up and my dad struggle through addiction. I was originally born in San bernadeno county but awhile after my mom had me she came here to Orosi to live with my aunt and cousin. My mom didn't get along with my cousin so eventually she moved out.....leaving me home with them. As i grew older i came to terms that i was happy with where i lived and when my mom asked me to come live with her and my stepdad i said no and when my dad asked me to go live with him in Los angles i said no. So my rocky relationship with my mother blossomed even more....and more and has only recently improved a great deal....well anyways my aunt was like a mother and a grandma all bunched into one she did everything around the house she truly was a remarkable women and i loved her very much. Fast forwarding to my freshmen year....my freshmen year was the toughest year of my life and we still struggle emotionally and financially from what happened that year. My Aunt had a stroke and everything started to fall apart when we realized she wasn't coming home.....this was my first death and i didn't take it lightly. I became depressed and the fact that i blamed myself for her death made it even worse. Not long after they told me the reason i struggled so much in school was because i had ADHD. The problems kept multiplying.....the county in which we were receiving money from cut us off because my aunt was no longer alive and my cousin who was diagnosed with MS (Multiple sclerosis) when i was around 8 was cut from her disability money leaving the two of us and our house with no income at all. As of now we live off of money saved up by my aunt that now will only last us about two years longer.......Now fast forwarding to the day i received that little letter. That day i was so fed up with life that i planed to take it away that day after school......until i read that letter......those little words that were randomly written on that letter and coincidently given to me saved my life and made everything feel ok.......And that wasn't the only time The Rock helped me there was many more! To this day my dad is sober, my mother and me are close again, and my grades have improved....but me and my cousin still struggle here at home.....So i pray every day and i do my best to be happy with what God gives us  So i want to thank all of you at The Rock♥ no not for the free pizza but for the encouragement i received every time i attended the meetings. It truly had an impact on my life knowing that i wasn't alone. So thank you again!♥ Sincerely, Gabriella ^-^